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Is  He Somebody You Can Count On?

In the school, it is always good to be in the company of friends who make you laugh. With so many assignments and quizzes every week, it gets to be a little exasperating.  So you actually wish each passing day would be less stressful.  But, if you find somebody out there who can make you laugh then you could be that lucky.

But, wait –  there’s one at the College of Maritime Education who is just that.  He makes you laugh not necessarily because he has a load of jokes but because of his stories that are purely silly and goofy.  That is why his friends find their group a little boring when he is not around.  And, he loves to show off which is characteristic of those born under the zodiac sign Leo even if he falls under the Virgo sign having been born on August 23, just a day after the last day of a Leo (which is July 23 – August 22).

A Virgo is said to be intelligent, patient and humble.  He is also stylishly unassuming and health conscious.   While he does not really want admit it because he is a little bit shy, these characteristics fit him so well.  You just have to talk to him a little longer to believe it.

But, it’s impossible not to notice him.  His family name alone, which is “Juventud” is a Spanish name which means “youth” and it is synonymous to freshness, vigor and high spirit. It also describes a period of immaturity where one lacks wisdom and emotional  stability.

On the contrary, Nick Michael is mature for his age.  He has set his sights on being a future Captain of an international vessel, and is working hard to achieve it.  He even spent time to search all the continents of the world and their countries and some key passageways of international vessels that  are considered safe from pirates.

Just like any other teen-ager, Nick Michael Juventud is fond of figure hugging shirts and pants which show his well chiseled body.  So, he is oozing with sex appeal, not counting the fact that he also has a nice set of teeth with matching dimples.  No wonder he gets a lot of indecent proposals from gays wherever he goes.  But, he just laughs them off.  He knows when to say no when necessary.

By the way, Nick Michael is not just one who makes you laugh.  He is also somebody you can count on.  He is always ready to help even when not being asked.  In fact, when their group worked on their thesis last year, he was one of those who really  exerted a lot of effort to finish it on time for their scheduled defense.

It’s sometimes surprising that he has more than enough energy to do so many things at the same time.  And, he is not complaining.  When one is well motivated as a student, the drive comes out naturally and pushes him to do great things.  And, even if he gets knocked down,  he stands back right away  as if it did not hurt him at all.

Lately though, Nick Michael’s picture went viral at the Facebook.  He caught everyone by surprise in Lyceum when the pictures showed him visiting public and private high schools in Iligan City and speaking in front of senior high school students.  Yes, and he looked very confident even if he admitted that he was trembling inside.  His friends were quick to make fun of him because they never expected that he could speak in front of a big crowd.  “Yati parts, mora mag maestro!!”, was one comment.

By the looks of it, Nick Michael, indeed can make a good teacher.  Who knows, someday when he comes back after a long journey as a seafarer, he may come back to share his experiences from an Ordinary Seaman to that of being a Captain of an international vessel.  Luckily, it will  be for all of us here in Lyceum of Iligan Foundation.

Go, Nick Michael, and prove to those who make fun of you that you can do it!