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Why Is It Not Limited To BSMT Students?

LIF finally opened its new laboratories for Cookery NC II and Housekeeping NC II last
February 1, 2019. It’s blessing was well attended by the faculty and staff of both Lyceum and
Iligan Capitol College, with no less than the school President, Dr. Rosalinda Rosales-Deleste
personally leading the ribbon cutting.

Though it was a long time coming for Lyceum, the school administrators nonetheless
came up with very impressive facilities and equipment that could be used by the public
anytime soon. In fact, it can be a showcase for the school for those who may be interested to
see what we have here in LIF. So, we now have two additional TESDA courses this coming SY
2019 – 2020 aside from the Visual Graphics NC III and Computer Hardware Servicing NC II.

Slowly, LIF is catching up with its competitors, but with a lot of confidence that it can
deliver the right kind of training that the students need. Not bad, because our focus is more
on providing the best quality education consistently delivered year after year. In surveys
conducted by Maritime schools, the Cookery NC II and Housekeeping NC II are always among
the top 10 in-demand courses, and so LIF is definitely on the right track.

Incidentally, this is good news to all Senior Maritime High School students and all BSMT students for that matter.  According to LIF’s TESDA Coordinator Mr. Erwin J. Secosana, it is to their advantage if they take the short-term courses here, because they are more or less familiar with the environment and the services provided by the school.  After this, they also plan to apply as an assessing school for both COOKERY and HOUSEKEEPING and so it is an added package for them. This means that BSMT graduates can learn the necessary skills prior to embarkation.

But, here’s the catch.  These short-term courses are not limited only to Maritime students.  Those whose interests are more inclined to Engineering, Architecture and Customs Administration may still want to try it as an added skill.  Nowadays, where multi-skilling is given more emphasis by many companies, this is an edge over other applicants. And, there is even a chance for them to become assessors in the long run.

During the blessing, many onlookers –  students and visitors alike took a peek at the laboratory facilities and were awed by what they saw.  For the Cookery NC II, they have stainless steel prep tables, cabinets, cooking ranges, ovens and all sizes of pans and cooking spoons. For the House Keeping NC II, they have new queen sized beds, house cleaning supplies, toilet cleaners,  trolley including a copper bar water sink and comfort room. The whole place has a modern design and is so inviting that many have started asking about the requirements for enrollment.

Well, those involved in these new TESDA courses must be planning a one-stop process now.  They know exactly what to do to attract more students this coming June 2019. Who knows, even the LIF teachers will find themselves enrolled either in Cookery NC II or in Housekeeping NC II simply because they need to get added skills too, to be more competitive.

But, with all these new courses, many Senior High School students will surely consider  enrolling here. The good thing is that they have more choices now. Next year, we hope that they would also consider opening DRESSMAKING NC II and Bread and Pasty Production NC II.  And yes, maybe even SMAW NC II and WELDING NC II.

No, this is not wishful thinking.  With the way things are going these days, we surely know this will happen.